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kids crying with santa

There are three things that never get old, no matter how many times I see exhibitions Frisbee dog, watch this video and pictures of children crying on Santa's lap.

It was not always the case. Before having a child, I put a child crying on Santa's lap was kind of average. But if it's fake smile in the face of inevitable store Santa, the Norman Rockwell-ness of any serious or just a personality flaw that occurs when you become a parent, I now believe that Santa Claus is the children cry the funniest thing ever.

Because we take our sweet time launching this blog, I had the opportunity to string together a chain of Santa pictures in 2005. So consider this Christmas in July - pour some eggnog, put on your favorite classic disc drive holidays and enjoy!

Send photo by e-mail (preferably JPEG) of your baby or toddler - or yourself as a baby or small child -. "Read more" crying on Santa's lap to and I'll join after pictures of children crying next to Menorahs and Kwanzaa paraphernalia are also welcome, of course.

(A copy of "Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Sixth Season." Go to the first person to send a father crying photo was taken before 1976)

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