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How to Stop Child Crying

Have you ever been in a restaurant, and your child wanted your other child? His other son would not share, and suddenly stop child crying, his 2-year-old began to scream? No matter what he or she tried to calm down. While I was working on something important, and suddenly his son began to scream? The children were playing a toy, and one of them screamed his head. If you've ever felt like that, I'm here to tell you that I found the solution to your problem Stop Child Crying.

Being a mother of three children stop child crying, I felt so many times, and always wished you could be a solution for the quiet child in 30 seconds or less. This way you can go, and you do not need to get upset, or need to be stressed, or crying.

how to stop child crying fast ?

My first question to all parents is why children cry? There are many reasons why a baby is crying. I will briefly mention that some of these reasons are: hunger, fear, hurt someone, they want something, or just trying to attract attention. Have you ever been in a situation where you have a 2-7 years and this is something that happens and start crying so hard? Uncontrollable crying? It is as if someone was trying to remove them, but nothing happened. For the child who feels as if the world collapses stop child crying.

However, most parents believe that ignoring the problem is the solution how to stop child crying, but this is not the case. I said that some doctor has to say about it, after long research in children who weep. stop child crying How to Stop Child Crying"

"One study showed that children who experienced persistent crying episodes were 10 times more likely to have ADHD as a child, with poor school performance and antisocial behavior. Researchers concluded that these results may be due to a lack of attitude response of parents towards their children. "(Woke, D, et al, Persistent infant crying and hyperactivity in the middle child, Pediatrics, 2002 issues. 109:1054-1060 How to stop child crying)

"Dr. Bray at Duke University and Lexington-Hoe and colleagues at Case Western University showed in 2 separate studies how prolonged crying in infants causes increased blood pressure in the brain, elevates stress hormones , obstructing blood flow out of the brain and decreases oxygenation of the brain. concluded that caregivers should answer cries quickly, coherent and comprehensive. " (stop child crying)

Because of all these factors and many others, I decided to find a solution to the problem faced by many parents stop child crying.

What is the new technology? Well stop child crying, reading a lot of books in this field, the study of the psychology of the child, and go to many seminars still sometimes not equip you for real life throws at you. To the surprise one day, I said I had to find a way to reassure the children quickly and efficiently. Because I am a stay at home at home, school and work at home. I would not have cried all day, if I was teaching others stop child crying, or if he started to clean.

However, I do not have time to sit down with each of 10-15 minutes each time. This alone took most of my time. It was then that I tried and tried my new strategy. I thought if it worked for me, so I can work on anyone. Are you ready? stop child crying

Basically, every time a child starts crying for some reason, is as follows:

1. You take a deep breath, then closer to you, then go through these exercises with them.
Two. He shows them how to take a deep breath. As they take one, take another,stop child crying then another. I usually take 4-5 deep breaths with them, and then I say ok, now let's do it this way.

Start flying faster and laugh while I'm doing stop child crying. I love this part of the majority. They blow and smile and laugh at me. Change all your mood, and they are not crying.
April. Once you have calmed down, so I think on my knees and ask them what happened. At that time, her smile and have to use a normal tone, not a whining tone to tell me what happened.
May After I say and help them understand what went wrong and what not to do again stop child crying, to get this kind of reaction stop child crying. They agree, and it's over stop child crying. I break observed with a completely new model trend, which helps to calm down.

I used this technique not only my children but also my neighbor's children, nieces and nephews. Their ages ranged from 2 to 7 years. It worked every time for me. Just a little patience, time and practice. You see time, the children of these techniques to other children who behave as they did. My son and my daughter sometimes teach me these techniques if I am sad and crying. It really works for adults and children. You only have 30 seconds to put it into practice, and then you're on the road.

Once you can get your child to learn these new habits and teach them that crying and complaining is not going to help them get what they want stop child crying. If you want something, you have to ask nicely, and if this is something that the parent thinks the child needs to get it, otherwise they should understand that father knows best.

 More parents are able to explain to children that the child's understanding stop child crying. Sometimes it takes 10 to 20 times of repetition, but in the end does not penetrate also the time to speak to another child on the way they handled it. If two or three of them, then once the boy is relaxing stop child crying, I'll tell the others what he did was wrong, and this is not how we should deal with this situation stop child crying.

Then I give an example of how I would handle this situation. In this way stop child crying, they are aware that there are many ways to deal with a situation. I want the children put in their memory banks of the brain, and use it when this or a similar situation arises.
how to stop child crying.
Some quotes cry more about why it is bad for a child to perform stop child crying

• "letting a baby cry evokes physiological responses that increase stress hormones. Cry babies experience an increase in heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure. Such reactions may lead to overheating and, with vomiting due to extreme distress how to stop child crying, could pose a potential risk of sudden death in vulnerable infants.

 could also have long-term emotional effects. There is convincing evidence that increased levels of stress hormones may cause permanent changes in stress responses brain development of the child. These changes affect memory, attention and emotion, and can cause a reaction to high stress throughout life, including a predisposition to anxiety and depressive disorders later. "Pinky McKay

Pinky McKay is the mother of five children, a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (BCC) and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

• English psychotherapist, Sue Gerhard, author of Why Love Matters: How affection shapes infant brain stop child crying, "says that when a baby is affected, the hypothalamus produces cortisone in normal amounts cortisone is fine, but if a baby is exposed for long. or too often to stressful situations (like falling in mourning ) , the brain becomes flooded with cortisone and then either over-or under-produce cortisone whenever the child is exposed to too much cortisone stress is linked to depression and fear . too little emotional detachment and aggression.

how to stop child crying forever easy
At this time I would go into a summary of how it works:

• First, take a deep breath of his car stop child crying.
• Then take the child cries again and teach them to breathe deeply, tell them to follow you. It takes about 4-5 breaths how to stop child crying.
• Third, to suppress the back for 10 seconds. At that time, the child must be laughing with you.
• Fourth, now that he has broken his tendency to cry in happiness.
• Ask them what happened, and help them understand .

how to stop child crying easy and simple ?

This is essential to break the pattern stop child crying. Once the model is broken something better to take its place, then will not be long when you will realize that cry less. As you grow older, you will realize that crying should do something very painful,  and not every two minutes.

As parents and educators, we must teach them to learn that there are different styles and ways of doing things stop child crying. We need to be able to help him calm down and make this habit as they grow how to stop child crying. To be safe how to stop child crying, and handle any situation that comes to them with a different approach. This approach will reduce your stress and increase your confidence . The greater stability less crying, and they are loved, these children will have their own emotions how to stop child crying.

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